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[樂評翻譯]Killing Is My Business...

Much like Metallica's Kill 'Em All, the original version of Killing is my Business, had a very raw feel to it. And much like Kill 'Em All, it was slightly difficult to listen, at least at first. The remaster is greatly appreciated, for it removes the fuzzy, hard to hear sounds of the 1985 version, replacing them with a crisper, cleaner tone. But don't fret; the album still retains that raw, thrashy sound that one would expect from an 80's thrash band. Though the Mustaine/Poland tandem is certainly not as good as the Mustaine/Friedman duo, the pair still gets the job done. With the exception of the closing track, a cover titled These Boots (undoubtedly the albums worst song), each track features several shockingly infectious guitar orientated sections. Be it rhythm or lead, riff or solo, beat, fill, or baseline, every instrumental aspect is performed at rapid speeds, speeds that could knock the wind out of any fan of the genre. Okay, perhaps it’s no Darkness Descends or Reign in Blood, but it’s still fairly impressive and fun to listen to. As far as vocals go, well, those not well versed in metal will most likely not appreciate Dave's efforts here (especially in the original version of the album). Though it probably isn't the first time Mustaine has found himself behind the mic, while listening it is fairly evident that he is still developing is vocal approach. Fans of other early thrash vocalists shouldn't have any qualms with Mustaine's delivery, as it has a much more likeable tone then the vocalists of Metallica, Slayer, or Overkill. Just don't be expecting too much. 就像Metallica的《Kill 'Em All》,原始版的《Killing is my Business》有種生猛的感覺。而也像《Kill 'Em All》,它有點難以入耳,至少一開始是如此。母帶重製版大為改善,修掉了1985年版中模糊刺耳的聲音,把它變得較為清晰明確。但別擔心,這張專輯依然保有80年代鞭團會有的那種又生猛又鞭的味道。雖然Mustaine/Poland的組合自是不如Mustaine/Friedman搭配來得優,這個雙人組依然表現得有聲有色。除了專輯的最後那首翻唱版的〈These Boots〉(無疑是本專輯最爛的一首歌),每首歌都有著動人心弦的吉他段落。無論是節奏或主奏,riff或solo,節拍、過門或是baseline,每個樂器都是極速狂飆,足令任何鞭迷心中萬馬奔騰。好吧,也許它不像《Darkness Descends》或《Reign in Blood》,但它依然相當出色,並且引人入勝。至於歌唱方面,呃,對金屬樂沒那麼熟的人恐怕不會欣賞Dave在這張專輯的表現(尤其是原始版)。雖然這大概不是Mustaine第一次站在麥克風前唱歌,不過很明顯聽得出他還在摸索唱歌的方法。至於其他早期鞭金主唱的歌迷,則應該不會對Mustaine的歌聲反感,畢竟它聽起來比Metallica、Slayer或Overkill的主唱聲音更可親一些,不過別抱太大期望就是了。 As far as songs go, Megadeth's debut album has several excellent offerings. Of these songs, Mechanix is probably the most well known, and probably the best as well. For the song was originally written for Mustaine's old band, Metallica. Though Metallica ended up slowing the song down and making it longer (end result: The Four Horsemen), Dave was content in leaving it as he originally written it years before. Though the music is indeed quite fun to listen to, my favourite part of the song would actually be Dave's contribution vocally. Mechanix houses what is by far Dave's finest vocal delivery on the album. As it is in The Four Horsemen, Mechanix's chorus is particularly strong. Dave's powerful vocal lines are among the most memorable points in the album, an impressive feet considering the numerous (short, yet interesting) interludes that the song features. Another highlight found on Killing is My Business is the title track. An energetic piece from the band, every important aspect to be found in a Megadeth track can be heard here. Though shorter than Mechanix, it too has an excellent, anthemetic chorus. But the real story here is definitely the relentless guitar assault from Dave and Chris. The pair displays strong musicianship throughout the three minute track, musicianship shown through technical, precise riffing. The tandem is very coherent and the heavy verses (accompanied by solos and other leads later on of course) of the album's title track flow exceedingly well together. 至於歌曲方面,Megadeth的處女作上有好幾首出色傑作。在這些歌曲中,〈Mechanix〉大概是最出名的,而大概也是最好的。這首歌本來是寫給Mustaine的前一個團,Metallica。儘管Metallica後來把這首歌變慢和變長(其成品就是〈The Four Horsemen〉),Dave則比較喜歡保留它幾年前被寫出來時的模樣。雖然音樂本身聽起來樂趣無窮,不過這首歌中我最喜歡的部分,是Dave的歌唱表現。Mechanix是Dave在這張專輯上唱得最好的一首歌。就像〈The Four Horsemen〉,〈Mechanix〉的副歌部分特別突出,Dave有力的聲線可謂本專輯最令人難忘的地方之一,尤其夾雜在這首歌所強調的一堆間奏(很短,但很精采)之中,更令人印象深刻。《Killing is My Business》上的另一首精采作品,是專輯的同名曲。這是首精力充沛的作品,一首Megadeth歌曲該有的重要元素在此都找得到。雖然比〈Mechanix〉還短,本曲同樣有出色而經典的副歌,不過重頭戲絕對是來自Dave和Chris猛烈的雙吉他火力。短短三分鐘的歌內,這兩人透過他們充滿技巧、精準無偏的刷弦,展現了強大的音樂才華。這對雙人組默契十足,令專輯同名曲的那些重拍主調(當然還有後面的solo以及其他主奏部份)銜接得如行雲流水。 As with any album, there are weaknesses in Killing is My Business. When dealing with the original copy of the record, one obvious con is lies in the production values. But what else aside from that? One of the album's weaker aspects is the final track, These Boots. The Nancy Sinatra cover (with edited lyrics, however) was weak enough in its earlier variant, (with weak, misplaced soloing, boring riffs, and arguably the Megadeth main man’s weakest vocal efforts) if you happen to own a remastered album you'll find that most (if not all) of Dave's edited lyrics were bleeped out. This was done to avoid the pending legal problems which the Nancy Sinatra camp threatened to impose upon the band. As the dust settled it was neither Megadeth nor Sinatra who came out disadvantaged, but the fans. For the 2002 version of These Boots has been pretty much destroyed in every way. Fans of beepy noises should be pleased with the way the new song turned out, but it turns out to be a disjointed mess for everyone else. Skip it. Unless you like beeps of course. Another weak element of the album is the lyrics. Similarly to Mustaine's singing, the lyrical department needs work but is luckily is slowly developing. Lines such as "Ten thousand up-front/Ten thousand when I’m through/And I know just what to do/And you know I’ll do it too/Then I’m coming back for you ....Back for you" or "I'm giving you my room service/And ya know it's more than enough" show a juvenile approach to songwriting. I suppose lyrics aren't exactly the main focus of a metal band, never mind a thrash metal band, but future songs show that Dave can write much, much better. 就像任何的專輯,《Killing is My Business》有著一些缺點。就原始版來說,一個引人非議之處就是製作水準。而除此之外還有什麼呢?這張專輯的弱點之一就是最後一首歌,〈These Boots〉。這首翻唱自Nancy Sinatra的作品(不過歌詞經過改編),在舊版的專輯中就夠弱了(有著頗虛且不搭調的solo,乏味的riff,以及恐怕是Megadeth主腦最差的演唱),而假如你手上剛好有母帶重製版,你會發現大多數(假如不是全部)Dave所改編的歌詞都被嗶嗶聲蓋掉了。這是為了避免Nancy Sinatra方面揚言要加諸於該團的法律問題,但事情解決之後,吃虧的既不是Megadeth,也不是Sinatra,而是歌迷。2002年版的〈These Boots〉整個慘不忍睹。嗶嗶聲的愛好者應該會很高興這首歌變成這樣,但對其他人而言,這個結果簡直是亂七八糟。跳掉這首歌吧!除非你喜歡嗶嗶聲。這張專輯的另一個弱點是它的歌詞。如同Mustaine的歌藝,這張專輯的歌詞部分需要加油,不過幸好有在慢慢進步。一些歌詞如「先付前金一萬\事成再給一萬\我知道該幹什麼\你也知道我絕不爽約\然後我會回來找你\回來找你!」或「給你我的特別服務\你知道會讓你無比滿足」寫得實在很幼稚。我想歌詞並不是金屬樂團的重點,更別說是鞭金樂團了,不過該團後來的歌顯示出Dave的詞可以寫得更好、更好得多。 Despite the pressure of living up to Metallica's early works in the metal underground, Megadeth was able to create a solid, impressive debut album. Though it had a few production errors, (and the ugliest Megadeth cover art ever) it proved to be quite successful, spawning the band a career that has continued (with a few bumps and detours) to this very day. The much appreciated remaster of the record fixes many of the problems that the original had, created some of its own, but remains a worthwhile investment. The raw, rabid fire thrash attack that Megadeth had become known for on their first few records is out in full force in Killing is My Business..., and fans of at least thrash metal should find the effort really likeable. For some reason, Killing is My Business... has been quite hard to track down for whatever reason, but should you find it, I would definitely recommend picking it up. 儘管背負著不能遜色於Metallica在地下樂團時的早期作品的壓力,Megadeth依然能夠創造出一張堅實、出色的出道作。雖然有著一些製作上的失誤(以及史上最醜的Megadeth專輯封面),它依然相當成功,開啟了該團持續至今的事業之路(儘管途中也有起有落)。大幅改善過後的母帶重製版,修正了許多原始版本上的問題,為它增色不少,但又保有原有的優點。在Megadeth頭幾張專輯中,成為他們招牌特色的生猛、狂烈的鞭金攻擊,在《Killing is My Business》可謂火力全開,而樂迷們(至少是至少鞭金的)將將會發現它真的很討人喜歡。不知為何,《Killing is My Business》不太好找(譯案:這張不難找吧?@@),但假使你看到了這張專輯,我絕對建議你把它買下來。 Recommended Tracks: 推薦歌曲: Mechanix Killing is My Business...and Business is Good Last Rites/Loved to Deth Rattlehead (高仕艷 譯)